The Crack Magazine

“I didn’t just listen to Forever and Nowhere – the new album from Teesside duo Sticky Pearls over the long Easter weekend – I lived inside it. And what a gothic mansion it is! Grandiose, full of stimulating nooks and crannies, and drenched in the kind of atmospherics that would send Emily Bronte into a swoon. If you’re looking for a description that is a bit more pigeonholey, then I’d probably start lobbing expressions around like “haunted shoegaze” and “frazzled ethereal” and “witchy psych” but it really is a hard beast to pin down as there is plenty of invention and unexpected twists on each track. The band consist of Sarah Parilla who handles – rather fabulously – all of the vocals and Graeme Wilkinson who is responsible – rather fabulously – for everything else. You’ll not find any “sound of the summer” type tracks on the album – not unless you’re spending your summer drifting diaphanously-clad through Transylvanian forests at midnight – but if you’re after something pale and undeniably interesting then roll up, roll up.”

NARC Magazine

Sticky Pearls are a Teesside duo walking on the dark side, Graeme Wilkinson (also from the mighty Golden Age of Nothing) provides the musical ministrations and inspirations, while spoken word performer Sarah Parilla adds the poetic licence to chill and distil mood, ambience and warped and wefted dream states into haunting songs.

Recent single Limbo is mystical, fragile and ethereal, tattooed by a caustic acid guitar. We are immersed in the deep swim with the magical psychedelic Angel Fish; there is despair and desperation in Germs and unknown pleasures and treasures from Unspoken Beauties. The ebbing, sonorous, undertow of The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, Cocteau Twins and Joy Division lap around these Sticky Pearls, but there are real gems to be prized and devoured. Dig in.

4 out of 5